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Fingerprint Moudling compound Instruction


Each kit contains enough material to make 2 full prints.

Step 1:            Split the white compound into 2 equal parts,

                     Split the brown compound into 2 equal parts.

                    Combine 1 part white + 1 part brown of the moulding compound. 

                    (Put the remaining compound back in the provided airtight container)

Step 2:           Mix well so there is no veining or streaking. Work quickly to avoid compound curing before use.

Step 3:           Roll into a ball and place on a flat surface.

Step 4:           Press the finger (you would like to take a print of – Palm side down) into compound. /Do rocking movement                      (which helps to give the detailed print)

Step 5:           Wait for a minute or two before carefully removing.

Step 6:           Remove your finger carefully.

Step 7:           Let the compound get harder.

Step 8:           Place the mould back into the provided air tight container.

Step 9:           For a second print - Repeat the steps with the unmixed compound left over from step 1, just to provide                      additional print (in case if needed).

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